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MG MGB Technical - Frogeye Rear hanger

Can anyone help with some advice on a problem I have with the rear hanger.
The spring securing set bolts one has sheared off and the other has rounded off.
s haughton

Wrong forum.
Paul Hunt 2

As Paul says, the 1/4 elliptical arrngement at the back of the frogeye was never used an a car badged with an octagon. I would imagine the key thing is that the spring boxes are in good shape
Stan Best


I'm pretty sure that the early MG midgets had both the octagon and the 1/4-liptics.

S Haughton,

Try the Midget Sprite Technical section. Probably plenty info there in the archives.

C R Huff

I just checked in "Great Marques, MG" and that does say that the MKI Midget had 1/4 elliptics so yes there may be some help on the Midget board, however I think the Frog eye section of the AH site is the place to go as 1275 midgets with semi ellipticals are in the vast majority here.
I did once see a Frogeye fitted with a mildly tuned 1.8 K series on the Frontline stand at Silverstone. I said to the salesman, let me make a guess, this car does not stil have it's original rear suspension?
Stan Best

The Midget/Sprite board is the place to go. There is quite a number of owners there with early Sprites and Midgets with 1/4 elliptic rear suspension. Including me :-)


I have never thought about this before, the book mentions spring boxes with the locating bolt going through, this implies it's a free bolt rather than a set one, or are there fixed nuts on the spring boxes? Only an engineer would worry about this if it's not his car :-)
Stan Best

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