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MG MGB Technical - 123 Data follow

411: Whereas I got 26MPG going up the 225 mile hill ( see previous thread), I logged a smidge over 30 MPG on the 123, 40k coil, 42k gap, 91 octane, this time with 3oz acetone and 2oz lead additive in the 13 gal tank. I logged the trip on the LM-1 and was showing AFR of 15-18 at 3100 cruising, and 12-11 on acceleration pulls. I like that! Vic
vem myers

Could you please give a reference to the previous thread so I can read the whole story?
Derek Nicholson

I anxiously await your switching the dizzy over into the SC'ed "B". I have contacted 123 and the boost retard transducer is not going to be available until spring 2008 so probably will hold out unless you tell me the improvement is dramatic. As soon as you can try it out would love to hear what your opinion!

Thread is "D.U.I 123 411" a few months ago this year. Vic
vem myers

This thread was discussed between 11/04/2007 and 12/04/2007

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