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MG MGB Technical - 15in wheels

Any ideas on widest 15inch wheels can be used, with very low profile race tyres, under standardish arches?


Colin Parkinson

195x50x15 on Six inch rims but only if your suspension is top notch.
Roger W

I have 6" rims with 195/60 x 15 tyres. The arches are standard except for the lip at the rear being rolled up. But then I have Hoyle IRS which prevents the wheels moving sideways at all. I don't know if there might be issues with an axle and leaf springs. The front is no problem at all.
Mike Howlett

Profile on the tyres is likely to be 30 or 40. Car is low. I have some 7 1/2's which may go on the rear. So I was thinking 6 1/2 or 7 on the front.

Will it work??

Colin Parkinson

I have 15x6 VTO minilite-style wheels with 195-60-15 tires on my car. My car originally had wires, and the axle was displaced to the left about 3/4 inch, just by the variation inherent in many MGB bodies. I swapped the WW hubs for steel wheel hubs, and used a 10mm spacer between the brake drum and the wheel on the right side. This resulted in perfect centration within the wheel wells. I would be hesitant to try to put anything wider in there, as the fit is tight but thankfully I have no rubbing under any conditions with my setup.
Erick Vesterback

if this is for competition useit might pay to check the rules for what clas you are going to run in
here in australia cams are about to crack down on overstreching tyres onto wider rims and puting 195's on 71/2in rims is probably getting out there close to the limit having said that i have run 205's on 8''rims on my midget and it was all ok
just a thought willy
William Revit

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