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MG MGB Technical - 15x5.5 alloys


As well as the sprint/hillclimb midget I have a 71 mgb roadster.

I have seen 15" dia x 5.5 width wheels advertised for MGBs, are there any problems associated with fitting these?

John Turner
John Turner (Sprint Midget)

No. MGCs used 15 x 5".
Bill Spohn

John. Several of us have Minotaur 15" x5.5's on B's

There can be a clearance issue running 195 tyres, my 195x65's rubbed on the rear arches, I had to flare them slightly, and remove some of the inner lip to clear.
M Barnfather

I use Dunlop 15x5.5 wire wheels on my '65 B with 195/60R15 tires. No issues.
Steve Simmons


Do you have a genuine MGB wire wheel axle or conversion hubs, I understand the wire wheel axle is narrower, but the conversion hubs can go some way to solve this issue if you have a steel wheel axle.


Mark Turner

Original banjo wire wheel axle. If using adapters, I would consider contacting Dayton for a custom set of wheels to achieve the proper dish.
Steve Simmons

I'm using 15 by 6 performance minilite replicas with 195 by 60 xm1 Michelin tyres. 24pos off set. Standard arches. No clearance issues, however when i had the rear right wheel off the other day I noticed a faint tyre mark above the bumpstop on the inside arch. I would call that inconsequential.

peter sherman

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