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MG MGB Technical - 18 Gb vs 18V engine


is it possible , to see the differents between an 18gb, gg, and an 18v fom the outside of the engine
assuming that there is no engine nr tag on it


The simplest is that 18V have a blanking plate below the front half of the exhaust manifold in place of the mechanical fuel pump used on other models, none of the 18Gx engines had that.

Otherwise you can usually date the engine from block and head casting numbers, info here, lots elsewhere. Bear in mind heads can be changed.

Also the 18GB has the rear mount for the dynamo further back than that for the alternator equipped 18V.
Peter Allen

FWIW the 18GD on and the 18V seem to have both sets of bosses.

Don't know what you can do with the information but the oil dipstick tube on the GB is threaded into the block. On the 18V, it is press-fit.

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