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MG MGB Technical - 18V oil Filter in MGA

I have a '57 MGA with a '72 18V MGB engine. I read dd doug's thread on stripping the filter adapter and promptly stripped the filter adapter. I find that the space between the starter, generator, dizzy and coil is insufficient to support the HP2004 filter in the MGA engine bay. The old filter was a FRAM966B - much smaller than the HP2004. I tried the K&N HP1002 and stripped the threads. So now I need to know what adapter fits the 18V block and accepts a Fram996B filter - anybody know? Does the adapter bolt on or thread onto the block?
Bayard DeNoie

All adapters bolt on to the engine block. All oil filter adapters, from all B series engines, are interchangeable. Finding the one that will give you enough clearance is the big problem. RAY
rjm RAY

The adaptors all use the same filter mounting thread of 3/4"-16 threads per inch (SAE). The choices of quality oil filters available are almost endless, the best of these including those from Mann (Part # W917), Purolator Pure One (Part # PL14670), AC Delco (Part # PF13C), Motorcraft (Part # FL300), Volvo (Part # 3517857), Wix (Part # 51362), and NAPA (Part # 1068), but the most effective is also the easiest to install: the K&N Performance Gold Oil Filter (K&N Part # HP2004). Fram oil filters were once amongst the best (40 years ago), but the company was sold and the new owners sacrificed quality in order to make a buck off of the Fram name. Today they're way down the list.
Stephen Strange

Steve & Ray
Thank you for you attention & comments. I would love to use the K&N 2004 but it does not seem to fit the space I have - the K&N 1002 will fit nicely but I do not know what adapter will fit both the MGB V18 block and the smaller filter - The K&N rep would only recommend filters for specific applications - Has anyone had this problem?
Bayard DeNoie

We could be more helpful if you could post an image of your adaptor.
Stephen Strange


Thanks again - I am going to try to slide things around to gain a quarter inch clearance - will keep you posted

Bayard DeNoie

Try a Motorcraft FL400.
M. H. Dabney

Thanks everyone - I was able to disconnect all the wires, hoses and cables to slide the adapter over 1/4 inch. On closer inspection only the top two threads were stripped. After cleaning the metal away, I was able to screw on a K&N HP1002 with no problems. Back on the road again and loving every minute!

Thanks All

Bayard DeNoie

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