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MG MGB Technical - 1963 MGB Dash Tonneau Studs

I have a 1963 MGB that I have taken the windshield frame off. I also took the tonneau studs out and took off the black vinyl covering on the dash.

Question: I took 6 studs out of the dash equally spaced across it. The studs look like the rear cockpit studs, but are twice as large. The studs just screw into the dash, no washer or nut like the rear cockpit studs. I believe this is original but can't prove it. Does anyone know. It has been suggested that the car was sold built without the tonneau studs and when purchased the dealer installed these studs? Most photos I've seen and other cars have the lift-a-dot tonneau studs in the front..Where it is an inverted T with 2 small screws securing the stud and there are 3 studs about the dash. (2) at each end of the windshield and one off-center of the middle rod either left or right depending and which side the steering wheel is on.

Can anyone help verify this or put me in touch with someone who can help me search this? I want to keep the car as original as possible. I am the third owner as of last year. The people who sold me the car said everything was original. It did not come with a tonneau cover. But I am in the process of replacing all the windshield rubber and glass, the dash vinyl, and tonneau studs and replacing the dash that I have currently just refinished.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!


Chris T.
WC Tyler

Suggest you contact Carl Heideman (Eclectic Motorworks, Holland, MI) at (616)355-2850 or

My '66B is at the body shop, but I'm pretty sure it had only three studs on the dash. As you say, one slightly off center and the others at each corner of the windshield.
Steve Buchina

Sorry Chris, but my MGB is different, and different to Steve's too. Mine is from 1964 and has two press studs on the dash to take the end of the tonneau cover on the passenger side. (The studs are the same size as those on the ends of the hood, the straps where the hood clips to the frame and the bits that close off the slits in the tonneau cover.) I assume that this is original as I have bought a tonneau cover which fitted as made.

I have added two of the studs at each side of the tonneau to stop it flapping about, one at the base of the quaterlight (vent window) and the other just behind the door. These studs are actually available at my local DIY shop in Berlin. I think they are used on boats which explains the amazing availability.

Mike Standring

Had time to check my '66B today. Has three studs (inverted T's), each positioned as stated above and all secured with two screws each. The left stud is left of the gas gauge and above the overdrive switch hole. The right stud is positioned right of the glove box and above the map light.

Suggest you wait until you get a tonneau cover before mounting these studs. These covers have a tendency to shrink with storage. I brought some out a couple of weeks ago - none of them would fit. They just wouldn't stretch to the dash studs. However, after some reconditioning (Orange Blast cleaning and ArmorAll), I was able to slowly mount each cover. I did this by engaging (to the car) the rear and side clips first with all zippers released. I stretched out the cover using bungee cords clipped to the front of the cover. I was really surprised how much these covers will loosen up on exposure to the hot sun and an ArmorAll soaking. Some covers started out over an inch too short, but ended up looking too big.
Steve Buchina

6 large pegs across the dash sounds like a PO mod to me, or possibly a very very early car. Clausager and the Parts Catalogue indicate three small inverted 'T' pegs - one in the middle and two at the sides originally, the outer ones changing to press-studs at the base of the windscreen pillars for some markets at some time.

Curiously my 73 roadster had the middle peg almost exactly in the middle of the dash, which meant that with the two tonneau covers I have, which have the zip in the middle, the middle peg didn't line up with the middle fastener in the cover. When I stripped and restored the car I effectively removed the right-hand screw, swiveled the peg 180 degrees and drilled a new hole, and it is now exactly in line with the cover fasteners.
Paul Hunt 2

Hi Chris,

My '64 has the three inverted-T lift-the-dot fasteners in the front. The Production Trace Certificate says the car came with a tonneau and there are no extra holes in the dash top.

Hope this helps.
Bill Barge

My 66 build has the 3 lift the dots.
Stan Best

I spoke to Steve Simmons of California who has a 1965 bought brand new by his father. He said his dash has the same type of screw-type studs mine has, but only has 3 in his dash. So I wonder if the car originally didn't come with the tonneau cover and the dealer installed this option to sell the car when new? That is what it is sounding like to me. But I'm still puzzled at the 6 studs.

Warren Tyler

Hi Chris, My 66 has 3 studs across the dash, but will you be able to get the vinyl covering on the top. I am still looking .

Alan . P

Saw two 63 cars at a run this Sunday and they had the screw-in pegs but only three. Incidentally one of them was 456 KAC which is the car featured in Lyndsay Porter's mgb restoration manual. From the sticker on the speedo plus the odometer reading it has now done 399,415 miles!
Paul Hunt 2

That will have been the Heritage run then Paul. Which of your cars were you in. I had my ZT out as the B is in bits at the moment.

Cyril has owned that B from new! It stars in one of Lyndsay Porter's videos as well "MGB Experience".

I have seen that car many times, but I hadn't noticed the pegs.

One of my friends broke down part way up Shelsey Walsh. Having stood around while his car was being fixed I now know not to go anywhere without chocolate block in my tool kit.
David Witham

Indeed David, the Black Tulip 73 roadster. Didn't see that breakdown, but I did see a chap with his son (in helmet) really going for it and on their second (that I saw) run it sounded like he had cooked the clutch. My first time on a hill climb course, amazing how quickly it was over, although my time was probably pretty pedestrian. Got half-way up when I realised the digital camera my wife was using had 'timed out' and switched off, so I was turning that on with one hand at one point :o) Good fun, the hill that is, my wife asked if I was going to have another go but I replied if I did I would probably break something, so discretion was the better part of valour, especially as we are on the River Exe Rally this weekend.
Paul Hunt 2

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