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MG MGB Technical - 1965 MGB seat location?

Hello group

This may sound like a strange question ... however when I had our 65 "B" restored, I had many different poeple work on it. A couple of years later, I am now re-covering the seats once more. As I look at the frames, I am not entirely sure which frame should be the left-hand side and which should be on the right-hand side. Each frame is 1 1/2 inches wider at the rear, on one side, then on the front side. Should this additional width be on the door side, or the tunnel side?? I only ask this question, because my wife is just over five foot and I am close to six, and for the last couple of years, I can't get the seat up close enough for her to drive, as the seat jams up against the tunnel the closer I move the seat forward. Because of this, she can only drive her 76 midget and our 66 Jag. Notice how I worded this :-)


Harv & Shirley McCullough
A McCullough

The adjuster release handle should be on the outside towards the door on both seats.
Stan Best

The 'straight' edge should be on the o/s near the sill. As you noticed the seats are not quite straight as compared to the rails.
Mike MaGee

As Mike says. The tapered side accomodates the tunnel.
Paul Hunt 2

Thanks fellows

With the information you supplied, I think I have sorted out the problem ... or should I say two problems. First, the driver side seat frame was approx. 1/4 inch [5mm] too wide, as the frame was bent. Second, when the holes were drilled in the new floor, they appear to be approx. 1/2 inch [10mm] too close to the tunnel. When these two items are corrected, the seat will then be 3/4 inch [15mm] away from the tunnel, which will give the room I need for the seat too move up closer.

Again ... thanks for your advice.

A McCullough

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