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MG MGB Technical - 1967 GT wiper motor ?

I bought a new wiring harness for my '67 GT. On the wiper, it has 3 wires and my wiper motor has 4, the odd one being red/green.

Wiring diagrams indicate that wiper motor is for '68 (maybe late '67) and up.

Should I look for the right wiper motor or can I make this one work? As it happens, I started taking the car apart before I tested the current wiper motor setup.

Thanks in advance! Dave
David Steverson

There are least three if not four combinations of motor, switch and wiring for the 67 GT and thereabouts! You might like to have a look at and click on 'Wipers'.
Paul Hunt 2010

Thanks Paul, it looks like the "waters" are getting murky!
David Steverson


I have a later 67 GT. It had the original round body, single speed wiper. I swapped it over for a later two speed. You need a three position switch and can rewire it to work perfectly. I think Paul has the instructions for this on the site he listed.

If you do want to go back to the early single speed, I still have one.

Here is a picture of the end plate on the single speed used on the 67 GT
Bruce Cunha

is it from a roadster? if so, it will wipe the wrong way, but it's an easy fix.

donsmidget at yahoo dot com
don g

Thanks for the photo Bruce, I'll look at mine tonight.
David Steverson

"it will wipe the wrong way"

I think you mean "park the other side" :o)

When changing motors or park switches always test the parking position first before fitting arms and blades, otherwise you could find them trying to sweep the bonnet ... which *would be the wrong way.
Paul Hunt 2010

My wiper is marked almost exactly like yours (12 66 instead of 1 67). So it must be a single speed. Do you have 4 wires attached to yours?
David Steverson

Hi Dave

There are 4 wires. The web page has additional pictures of the motor and the plug. and just the wires

Wires on mine are Black, Black/green, Green/white, and Red/Green

As stated, two speeds fit and work fine. Must say that I must have gotten the correct later motor, as it works just the same as the single speed, just like having the extra speed.

Now if I can get a delay control, I would love it.
Bruce Cunha

I can highly recommend the Smartscreen which I have on both my MGBs and am considering using another to replace the single intermittent speed that my ZS has, which never seems to be right for the amount of precipitation. You use the standard switch to set the delay, continuously variable between a couple of seconds and 30 secs or more, so no additional switch or rotary control to find a home for.
Paul Hunt 2010

you are correct- should have said "park the wrong side", but it will sweep the bonnet if incorrect. ask me how i know...
potato, potato. LOL

don g

Thanks Paul

Where does the module plug in to and how do you adjust it?

$52 US, plus shipping. That may not be all that bad
Bruce Cunha

So, on a related subject, I found today that for the 1967 cars, Victoria British wants $28.95 for a roadster switch and $49.95 for the GT switch.

Is there a less expensive alternative?

David Steverson

Bruce - basically it interrupts the park wire (GT and later roadster 2-speed motor) between motor and switch, plus has 12v and earth connections. You set the delay by turning the original switch on briefly, and it sweeps once, then turn it on and off again after the required delay, and it repeats that ad-infinitum. Simples. Turning off the ignition cancels it of course, as does turning the original switch on again for at least one complete sweep back and fore.

If the park switches, David, the price difference is because the roadster has a simple switch and the GT a more complex one as part of the connector plug. Cheaper options will depend on what you are willing to give up, quality or function (i.e. manual parking).
Paul Hunt 2010

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