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MG MGB Technical - 1968-9 steering columns

Have slop in the bushings/bearings in the steering column. Can move the steering wheel up and down 1/8" to 1/4" or so. Neither VB or Moss even show bushings for these years. Even the steering columns are N/A. Any ideas on how to tighten things up?

Tom(unsigned in member)

Gerry Masterman does a superb job of rebuilding steering columns. He's the man when it comes to this subject. You can Email him at
Steve S.

Thanks. I'll put his info in my database. I'm kind of a do-it-yourself guy tho. Rather give it a poke myself first. Parts seem to be the problem...


Which column is it (part number?, Ours (UK) were 1962-72 (solid), 72-74 collapsible telescopic, 74-on impact absorbing (rubber bumper). Moss UK book has bushes for the first two but doesn't show bushes for the third type.

Tom - "I'm kind of a do-it-yourself guy tho. Rather give it a poke myself first"

All the more reason to contact Gary, he also makes and sells bushings for the columns. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois


up and down isnt the column bushes as thats side to side
It is either the wheel is loose on the splines or it is inside the rack which needs shimming

Ste Brown

If 'up and down' means 'in and out', then it could be a problem with the collapsible coulumn and you can repair it.

It says how to do it on the site linked above. But I'm not convinced by the rationale; I thought that the plastic was just a little pin shaped affair, not an all-round bushing. The pin thing couldn't have taken any torque, so the argument about metal/metal contact causing failure wouldn't hold if I'm right. And the problem with split-pins - that they would shear if you hit the steering column with a mallet - is easy to avoid by simply not hitting the steering column with a magnet!

You could leave it as it is on the basis that it'll be fine unless you sit really, really far back and you're really, really thin and you pull really, really hard on the steering wheel such that it comes apart. Mine's passed half a dozen MOTs and half a dozen motorsport scrutineers like that.

There's also a bit of in-and-out movement in the UJ.



Tom, I got the rebuild kit from Gerry and am currently rebuilding the column from a '72 bgt. The original ball bearings and races are in terrible condition. They don't look like they would be very substantial even if new.

Tom Custer

If needed, I have an original '69 gt steering wheel for sale. donsmidget at yahoo dot com
don g

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