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MG MGB Technical - 1968 MGB-GT

HI everyone,I have just gotten an 1968 MGB-GT,the ownership says its a 1968,but the car sure looks like a 1967 model mark 1,it has the steel dash,the humped trans tunnel etc.could this car have been a leftover 1967 model that had been sold in 1968,and titled as such,also the vin is;GHD3L******** ,and I also read in a book that cars built for Canada now were built to US specs on Aug 1968 ( is this mark 2 cars ).And one last thing,could this car had been a " MGB-GT Special" because it has the wood type racing steering wheel,left side racing type fender mirror ( left side only ).thanks Larry
LJM Lawrence

Lawrence the VIN # 3 after the GHD would indicate it is a 67. The metal dash would not have been on the 68. Could have been manufactured towards the end of the production run (10/67) and just not goten to North America until 1968. My MGTD was manufactured in Nov of October of 1950, but was regestered in the US as a 1951.

What is the rest of the VIN? Victoria british catalogue lists the 1968 GT as commencing with GHD4U139824. (Moss catalogue shows the first GT for 1968 as GHD4U139472
Bruce Cunha


Contact the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust in the UK. Type in BMIHT in Google and you can send away for a certificate that will have all your car details. Resonably priced.

There was a bit of a transition period late in '67 where some cars had the look of a '67 but were registered as '68's. Sounds like you may have one of these.

A friend of mine has a Special and it has a small plaque mounted on the fenders (driver's side at least, don't know about the pass. side) behind the front wheels.

Simon Austin

Larry ,
By 1967 the american B-GT were fully equipped in attempt to balance the roadster success. The first 1000 cars were titled "special" and the package included a wood style rim, wood gear knob, wire wheels and white wall tires too. That might explain yours.
Kind regards.

Thanks guys for the comments,I also must add that there are cars in the MG register ( ) that also have the 3 prefix in the vin,but are listed as 1968 models,as for the plaqes that were installed on the GT Specials,mine has none,more then likly because of a repaint.The full vin is GHD3L104736.
LJM Lawrence

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