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MG MGB Technical - 1969 OD Gearbox

Does anyone know where i can get a not too expensive od gearbox for 1969 mgb roadster for spares?

Try eBay. I got hold of one for 27. Alternative is classifieds adds on this site or in one of the club mags, or go to one of the breakers such as Andy Jennings, MechSpec or Watford Classics. They seem to be around 150 according to their websites.

eBay would probably be cheapest though! Obviously no gurantee of quality if you are planning to actually use it rather than rebuild or take parts from it.

I D Cameron

What spares do you want - I have shelves full of used parts that are too good to throw away!

Chris at Octarine Services

Thanks guys for suggestions. Chris, I am looking for reverse gears for gearbox, rear casing for OD, and third motion shaft that goes into OD from gearbox. Just took apart OD and from looks of it someone has done a horrible job on it, its a wonder it worked at all, and reverse gears have not been mating properly so a bit of crunching has been going on in there. C hris thanks for offer of parts, if you have them, let me know what you want for them. Thanks again

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