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MG MGB Technical - 1969 turn signal stalk

I am an owner of a 1969 MGB American version. I bought it in 2001 in Australia and brought it to Europe. I'm finished its restoration. I have trouble finding the turn signal stalk. I think the original piece will BHA 4696 reference. Does the piece BHA 4948 compatible? Thanks for the help.

Rui Fonseca

Hi, BHA4696 is for left-hand drive. BHA4948 is for right-hand drive - I'm not sure if it's compatible.

BHA4696 is available from Leacy Classics,

There was a new one on eBay (UK) recently but the auction ended with the item unsold,
Brian Shaw

I'd guess (but I might be wrong as its a LHD car) one has the horn push in the stalk and the other doesn't

are you sure you have the correct one is fitted now?

IIRC both will be available but you might need to find them under there Lucas numbers

BHA 4696 (?without horn?) -

BHA4948 (with horn) -

Nigel Atkins

Thank you for those informations. Both parts have horn push in the stalk. My doubt if the rhd (BHA4948) is compatible with lhd part ( BHA 4696 )
Rui Fonseca

I posted without seeing Brian's post so sorry about overlap

I'd now imagine the difference to be in the wiring and/or socket connector
Nigel Atkins

After your instructions above I think that the two parts are not compatible due to the layout of the pins in the socket. The sign to the right and to the left will reverse layout we switched the stalk rhd to lhd.
Thank you
Rui Fonseca

yes it's the connector that really counts but you could rewire it or the wires going to it

but why would you bother when the correct part is available
Nigel Atkins


If that's the only difference, just swop over the green/white and green/red wires.

SR Smith 1

Thank you all for your advices,
Rui Fonseca

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