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MG MGB Technical - 1972 MGB distributor PART 2 = It's running


We wanted to again thank all of you for your advice and information.

We got the car running today (08-06-2010)!!!!!!!!!!

We replaced the condenser and she started on the second try.

Now the problem is can anyone help us and tell me a size for the screw that holds the condenser in? Ours is stripped on the head (the philips cross is almost a perfect circle.
Shaun went to the local auto parts store and the guy gave him a screw that was 3/4 of an inch in length even though the one he took with him was about 1/4 in length.

We now have to learn how to adjust air flow on the carbs.

Bruce and Shaun
B Barbour

Hi Bruce & Shaun,

Congrats on the achievement, great to hear. I'll bet you're both pleased as punch.

A hacksaw can help you with your screw, in two ways.
First you can cut a slot in the head of the original screw and then use a flat bladed screw driver.
Secondly, if the screw from the shop is the right thread, then you can cut it to 1/4" length. Be sure to file the end to clean up the start of the thread.

Tuning the SUs. Do a search on the internet, there is lots of information there. To help the process, try to beg borrow or steal a flow meter. This will help no end in balancing them.

Herb Adler

If the screw is the correct thread, try to find a corresponding nut. Wind the nut all the way up the screw before you start cutting to length. Unwinding the nut will "re-create" the thread at the saw cut.(Then a gentle clean up)
Michael Beswick

Prior to adjusting the carburetors, you should adjust the valves and set the ignition timing. With those variables correctly set, you can then synchronize and adjust the carburetors with minimal hassle.
Stephen Strange

And when doing the ignition set the dwell/points gap before doing the timing, or you will have to do the timing again.
PaulH Solihull

Thanks for responses.
Thanks that's an old trick Dad taught me and I didn't think of it. Will do it but might still look for a correct screw.
Guy who gave Shaun the car says he has a flow meter will get it to us.
Again something learned long ago and not thought of, will check if screw is proper and go from there.
Will do as am in beginning of reading a book of information kindly sent to me. Still have to relocate the bracket so it's proper.
Will do, have to pull out the Dwell meter.
Bruce and Shaun
B Barbour

PB Blaster worked, the dizzy came out. I've got the parts, let me know if you want any.
Andy Taylor

I balance the carbs by listening to the flow through a 3/4 " fkexible tube. I have done a few cars and it seems to work well.
Stan Best

As does the gunson's Carbalancer. Cheap and cheerful, the measurements are comparative and not absolute so it's fine. You certainly don't need to go to the expense of a dual-port balancer, or for heavens sake a digital unit at
PaulH Solihull

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