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MG MGB Technical - 1972 original steering wheel

Anyone know what years an original 1972 steering wheel with functional horn-push arrangement will NOT fit? Will be auctioning this wheel off at our club's annual auction and wan't to give folks as much info as I can. Can't seem to pin this down by looking at catalogs and such.

Muchas gracias,
Tom Custer

From my research the splines and threads are the same from 1970 on - splines 11/16" x 36, thread 9/16" x 18tpi. However along with a very different steering wheel the 77 and later have a completely different arrangement for cancelling the indicators to earlier, using a feature on the back of the wheel itself acting directly on the switch, rather than a cam on the column shaft acting on the switch. Whilst an earlier wheel should physically fit the later column, it wouldn't cancel the indicators without a mod. The horn push was also different, moving from the wheel centre to the column stalk also in 77 - not a problem if fitting an earlier wheel to a later car. 77 and later had a slower rack with a smaller wheel - to restore the effort required - the earlier wheel is bigger meaning less effort required on a later cars - for those that can get their thighs under it!
Paul Hunt

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