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MG MGB Technical - 1974 turn signal switch replacement

I have a friend that has a problem getting his switch to stay up. It wont stay in the center position just falls down and doesnt work at all. I bought a new switch. In a 74, do I have to remove the steering wheel to replace this switch please?

No, I believe you have one of the east years. Remove the cowl from aroung the steering column and you should have access to the mounting screws for the switch.

You should be able to change the switch without removing the wheel, but you'll have to loosen the column and drop it down a bit to remove the plastic cover. Four screws IIRC in the housing, then a couple of more in the switch mounting.
Bill Young

I have removed the cowl on my 74 without loosening the column, it takes some juggling around but it worked for me.

Clifton Gordon

And once removed there is no real need to replace the lower screws. Be careful dropping the column, it can upset the alignment with the rack shaft which will cause rapid wear of the UJ and rack pinion bearing. If you can remove the lower screws without touching the column, even if it is significantly more fiddly, I'd do it that way.
Paul Hunt 2

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