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MG MGB Technical - 1977 MGB - mystery distributor, etc

steering wheelight hours working on a rubber-clad 'B, my first experience with a Zenith/crazy electro-Lucas ingited 'B. Whilst trying to dislodge the stuck distributor, I discovered a disconnected wire plug coming from the back of the distributor. It has three wires (W/Black, W, and W/Blue) coming out of it. The female end comes out of the alternator loom. I connected the plug and the car wouldn't start. Unplugged it's fine and it acts as a kill switch if connected while the engine is running. Any ideas of what it's for? The distributor also has three smaller gauge wire coming out of the front, which appear to go to the coil. It's stuck at 5

The three wire plug is the wiring for the OE electronics, built in to the dist. The other wires are for whatever it's been converted to. I had a car once that had an Allison/Crane system with the OE connected. It worked until it killed the Allison, when it acted to shut it off at exactly 2000 rpm. Allison replaced the unit for free, even after I told them what the DPO had done. Impossible to say what other strange behavior could be expected by hooking up the two units together, especially since the OE is presumably DOA.
Loosen the nut, but don't take it off all the way. Get a big strong guy to pull hard on the wheel as close to the center as possible, smack the shaft with a BFH and brass drift. Try not to break his nose when the hammer bounces! It's harder but more fun to do by yourself.
FR Millmore

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