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MG MGB Technical - 1978 Steering wheel?

Im looking for a dished steering wheel that will fit a 1978 mgb gt, i need the biggest dish possible with the biggest boss offset but can find anything that will fit that year.

Is ther anything that anybody knows about that will fit my year with what i need? failing that is there something esle that is compatible?

SGE Granville

Moto-lita make a boss adaptor for 1977-1980. Once you have this, any moto-lita wheel will fit.
The MGBHive do a bundled deal of a flat 14" wood rim and the boss for 125. Not bad, as the boss is 40 by itself.
The original rubber wheel is 14.5".

I find the moto-lita wood rim to be too square and thick. It needs a bit more shape IMHO. If I can pick up a tired one cheap from eBay I will have a go at it with a router.

I wouldn't fit a dished wheel, unless you want to drive from the back seat, I have to practically lie down to drive mine, and I'm only 5'8"!
Martin Layton

I bought a Mountney wheel and boss for my '78. It moved the steering wheel a couple of inches closer to the seat. It is the wood one listed in the below link.

Here's a link for one in the UK

You can also look for Grant wheels. They're known to have deep dishes.

You can contact Moto-Lita and see if they have anything you would like.

ebay is also another good source for parts.

cheers guys il start looking! im building a sebring and ive changed the seats so therefore i need a bigger offset if you like as i have changed the geometry..


SGE Granville

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