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MG MGB Technical - 1979 MGB Ignition coil issue

I just replaced my ignition coil on my 1979 MGB and now the tack, fuel gauge, temperature gauge, brake lights and directional's aren't working. I'm new at this and can use a little help.

Bob: Check the fuse box for blown fuses. Be sure all the contact points are clean. Recheck your installation procedure. I trust the car is running or you would not know the tach was inoperable. Let us know what you find


79 MGB
gary hansen

You may also have joggled the wires at the fusebox, displacing the white or white/brown or it may be making a poor connection. Ditto the fuse in its holder, and the green wires on the cabin side of that fuse. If you have a voltmeter or test-lamp turn the ignition on and test for voltage where the the spades that carry those colour wires and the fuse holder and fuse end-caps.

However if the engine doesn't run either, then you may have disturbed something at the ignition relay, as that feeds the coil as well as the fusebox. If there is no voltage on the white/browns at the fusebox then it will probably be the relay. You should hear this click as you turn the ignition on and off.

The above assumes original wiring, if a different ignition system has been fitted it could have been wired differently meaning the engine will run even though it is the relay that is the problem.
Paul Hunt

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