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MG MGB Technical - 1980 B won't shift

Car had been running fine sat in garage for a week. I started the car and it would not shift into any gear. After trying for a minute I was able to shift into third gear but after I shifted out of that gear I was unable to get back into that gear or any other. does anybody know what the problem is or where I should start.
RK Rich Kreal

Rich, Start with checking the fluid level in the clutch master cylinder. If it is low chances are that your slave cylinder is leaking and will need rebuilding or replacing. If it is full the master cylinder is bypassing internally and will need to be rebuilt or replaced. RAY

I agree with Ray, RK. Just went through the same thing a few weeks ago and it turned out to be the slave cylinder. I ended up replacing it rather than a rebuild and after installation and bleeding everything is back to normal. Replacement was fairly easy.
JCH Hibbard

Thanks guys


If it grinds when you try to select reverse then the clutch is dragging, or perhaps not being released at all, what does the pedal feel like? Forward gears will simply baulk when this happens, so you can't tell the difference between that and a problem with the shift linkages. If reverse baulks but doesn't grind (and you have the original gearbox i.e. not a five-speed) then it is shift linkages.

If you have to replace the slave you would be well advised to make sure you can loosen the other end of the flex hose where it attaches to the chassis bracket and metal pipe, and indeed it would be a good idea to replace the flex with the slave anyway. The problem is that the threading in the slave casting almost certainly have the start in a different place, which will mean the hose will tighten to a different position. This means that if you can't move the other end of the hose it will be twisted when the slave is fitted which should not be permitted.
Paul Hunt

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