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MG MGB Technical - 1980 MGB/LE Fuse Block Problem

Hi everyone. I am having a problem with which wires go onto which post on the fuse block. The block has 4 fuses with 8 posts to the front of the car and 8 to the rear. The PO has the wiring butchered beyond recognition! I have the Shop Manual and also the Haynes version, and both wiring diagrams are different from each other, that is the wire coloring codes show different colored wires going to different posts. The car is a 1980 MGB/LE. It has no air conditioning nor an overdrive transmission. If anyone could help me sort this mess out I would be very happy as would my wife because she want's to drive this thing before Christmas!! Thankyou all.
Barry Crum
P.S. I hope I'm in the right area this time to ask this question. If not would
someone E-Mail me and show me the way! Take care!
B.R. Crum

Before doing anything disconnect the battery if you haven't already disconnected it. If you have removed the fuse box you have to properly orient the box so the link connecting two sets of terminals are at the top and toward the front of the car. The link is on the back side of the fuse box.

Bottom Fuse.
Brown wires are attached on the front side.
Purple wires go on the rear side of the bottom fuse.

Next fuse up from bottom.
White wires are on the front side.
Green wires go on the rear side

Third fuse up
Front side is blank. Remember the link.
Red wires go to rear side of fuse box.

Top fuse.
Red/Green wires go to the front side
Red wires with black marker goes to the rear side of fuse box.

Hope this helps.

Clifton Gordon


For future reference go to click on "Stock Schematics" and download the MGB document. Find the proper diagram and get it printed on 8 1/2 x 11 (or equivalent) and laminated at your local copy shop. Great tool for tracking those electrons around your B.


Larry Hallanger

Thanks Clifton and Larry for your generous help. I think I just might have the "B" up and going in a few! Thanks again guys !
B.R. Crum

I was going to recommend advanceautowire too, like Larry, but print it on 8 1/2 x 14 legal size. The schematics that I downloaded for my 74B wouldn't fit right on 8 1/2 x11 but they look great and are easy to read on 8 1/2 x 14 and the color is great!
1974 mgb roadster
Kenneth Thompson

I was having a senior moment yesterday. Meant to say that I had mine done in the 11x17 size. And, as has been noted in earlier threads, you can mark on them with white board markers and then wipe off when done.

Larry Hallanger

Thanks to all that responded. I got the colored schematics and you are so right, they are great, so with all your help, the problem has been resolved!!
Thanks ever so much.
Take care
Barry Crum
B.R. Crum

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