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MG MGB Technical - 1999 Alero with '04 3400 to put in MGB

I want to remove this engine from my '99 Alero and put in my MG. What all do I need from the Alero besides the engine and computer? Thanks!
RLL Rickey

I have a 1977 MGB with rubber bumper.
RLL Rickey

Isn't the Alero a front wheel drive car?

Yes, but I read where many were installing the 3400 or 60 degrees GM engines in MGs. I have the donor car.
RLL Rickey

Go to the Engine Swap archives and Bulletin Board. GM engines covered there. Also there are internet sites of the various vendors supplying kits for this swap.

Front drive engines are problematical. Certainly you'll need ways to adapt a rear drive gearbox etc. Plus if you stick with fuel injection you'll need all the computer and sensors. Also the proper fuel pump and fuel return lines.

GM engines are a common swap but there is a lot involved besides the engine.

Robert McCoy

You will need a T5 transmission plus bellhousing to fit the 3400.
Bill Spohn


A S10 gearbox or Camaro gear box is mandatory and you will need driveshaft modificatons. Here it was very popular in past 2,8L V6 swap in MGB. Some aftermarket sell kit to ease that. Have a look in archive...


J. G. Catford

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