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MG MGB Technical - 2 speed wiper motor connector

Does anyone know where I can buy a plastic connector plug to fit into the socket of the MGB 2 speed wiper motor. Its a 14W Lucas motor and its socket has 5 male spade connectors in it'

I have fitted this 2 speed motor to my MGA and it is so difficult to reach to fit the 5 female connectors that it would make life so much easier to use a single plug.


Colyn Firth

Hello Colyn

Try GXE7708P on Moss web page for midget/Sprite wiper motors .the cost is about
dave bignell

I would be tempted to try Autosparks

I can't see them on their 'site, but they manufacture looms, so they must be able to supply them...and probably a lot cheaper than the usual suspects!
Dave O'Neill2

My thanks to the two Daves, great info.

I am looking first into autosparks to see if their plug will fit my motor, plan b will be to get one from Moss.


Colyn Firth

Just to update,
I have just ordered 2 wiper motor plugs from Autosparks at a cost of 5.50 inc postage.

(The Moss version with wires attached works out at 10.00 per plug plus postage)

Thanks again Dave.

These forums are just brilliant


Colyn Firth

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