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MG MGB Technical - 3 kinds of brake master cylinders?

I just came up with 3 different kinds of dual master cylinders for a 1980 MGB! Maybe someone can enlighten me as to the better one. One is a Lockheed--new--- about $250---------Two is a Reman Bendix about $80 and
three is a cardone Reman at about $90. Anyone have some information on these?
Dale & Barb Mast


This is just my opinion, but it is based on many restorations, and a lot of "hard knock" experience.

If you plan on keeping the car, and want reliable service (very important with brakes), then I recommend the new Lockheed.

My personal motto is: "cheapest is not necessarily the least expensive"

Safety Fast

JR Ross

This thread was discussed between 26/07/2005 and 27/07/2005

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