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MG MGB Technical - 3 point seat belt location

I have a 1965 MGB and I have (in a box) a set on 1975-80 3 point seat belts. Obviously the shoulder belt anchor point does not exist. I understand I could buy the captive nut and weld it in, but I am wondering…

Where to cut the hole to get the correct 1975-80 position?
If I could use a large 3 or 4” washer common on the 1960s chevys? And avoid the welding?

Any comments much appreciated.
F Murch

I thought they all have a mounting point just above where the wheel arch meets the battery cover (more or less) at the back of the passenger compartment.
Can't see why you can't just bolt though into the wheel arch and use a large washer.

Is this a roadster or a GT?
Chris at Octarine Services


If you want to measure exactly where the mount is you are welcome to drop by and measure my parts car. You know where I live.

The welded in anchor point will be stronger than a bolt with washer. The question is whether or not the bolt and washer is strong enough, and that I can't answer.

Also, it those belts are original I would question the condition of the webbing. Might be worthwhile to have them redone.


Early cars were not equipped with 3 point belts.


Larry Hallanger

mgb roadster.
F Murch

Clausager says that seat belt mounting *points* were built into all cars from the start of production. He goes on to say that a static *three* point type was available 'in the early years' (which could mean anything), 'and an alternative manufacture from February 1964' (i.e. the three points must have been available before then). From 1967 North American cars utilised the tonneau panel mounting for the shoulder belt, and this mounting point was introduced on non-North American cars in January 71. When inertia reel belts were standardised the shoulder mounting (i.e. the belt reel) 'moved back to the wheel arch'. This says to me that all MGBs did have three-point mountings right from the beginning, with the shoulder mounting on the wheel arch initially, even though North American dealer fitted belts (up to 67 when three-point were fitted by the factory) were probably of the two-point lap type. When it moved to the tonneau panel I believe the wheel arch mounting point remained, my UK 73 has both, even though it would originally had the tonneau mounting.
Paul Hunt

My North American 67 MGB has seat belt anchor points on the wheel arch, just above the battery cover. Not sure how you would mount the inertia reel belts, but the mounting point is there to use. Using those mounting points would place the rear of the should belt lower than the shoulders of the person in the seat. Not sure if this would cause a problem in a crash. But it does look like it could compress the spine or cause downward force on impact on the shoulders.
Jim Lema

My '71 had the mounting points on the rear deck just forward of the top mountings. Do you have a large threaded hole there? There were no provisions at the wheel wells. I later welded in plates with captive nuts behind the side panels above the wheels arches. Since the force applied in an accident would be parallel to the sheetmetal, I figured it would be strong enough to hold, and safer than the lower factory points.
Jeff Schlemmer

I'll echo the comment above. Be sure you are dealing with good webbing. If these are used belts, they can be considerably weakened by UV damage. I have the '68 style 3 point belts, which are static belts, not inertia reel ones, and I had Ssnake-Oly in Texas redo the webbing. They are a legitimate outfit that specializes in seat belts. I have no interest in their business, just a happy customer.
John Hubbard

The '70 GT I just purchased has lap belts only, and I was pondering getting inexpensive retracting belts from an agricultural supplier. I'm wondering what length-of belt is required to get to that mounting point way back on the wheel well and still have adequate capacity for any larger passenger I might carry...

I think I have a good set, but I will check. I know Ssnake-Oly in Texas from my other car work (GM stuff) but it is a great suggestion. It may well be that the hole and mounting exist, but I don't see it. I do see the two studs on both sides that I assume is for the fold down top. I don't see anything with the correct diameter captive nut. It also could be the area is there, but the hole and the nut are not. That seems more likely - but I don't know. Larry has a shell and I will look at that one and compare tomorrow.

Thanks all - great answers
F Murch

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