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MG MGB Technical - 3rd brake light

on my list of things for the GT this summer. I've seen a blazer light installed on the outside. i've thought about a volvo fitted inside. anyone have ideas? i'm looking for the easiest installation.

thanks- Don
don g

Moss sells a kit ready to go. Or look into Hella lights. They offer more traditional-looking LED rear lamps in various configurations.
Steve Simmons

I've got an aftermarket generic LED bar on the
inside of the hatch of my B/GT.

I epoxied a pair of super-strong magnets onto the
mounts of the LED bar and so the assembly
simply sticks onto the inside top of the rear hatch
(no holes to drill).

I can't tell you how many times I've banged my head on the thing - and instead of breaking it off
(as it would if it were screwed on bolted on)
it merely gets temporarily knocked out of position.
Daniel Wong

Can't go wrong with the "small Blazer" high mount brakelight, Don!

rick ingram

Rick, i think it was your car i saw it on!
don g


This may not be of help to you as I don't know what it would look like on the roof of a GT, but my choice of High Level Brake Light for my mgc roadster was made by Hella for the MG RV8 imported into Australia to comply with their Federal Regulations.

Unfortunately, Hella Australia wont ship out of OZ so you would have to go through The MG Centre in NSW.

Their contact details and pictures of the unit fitted to my MGC can be found on my website at:

Click on AFTERMARKET link and follow link to 'Fitting a high level brake light'.

Incidently, there's a picture of Rick's GT with his Blazer light fitted.

Good luck


R Lynex

Having looked at your website can I point out that the words/logo/motto of the factory and the Car Club is "Safety Fast!"
This is as you have done in italics but please note the final exclamation mark!
a Real MG enthusiast

thanks, all.
i found an led light at jc whitney on sale for less than 20.00. i think i'll wait till warmer weather and see what i can find at the junk yard.
don g

a Real MG enthusiast (non-member)

I note your comment but might I respectfully point out that Real MG Enthusiasts would use identifiable names to make pertinent criticisms rather than hide behind a cloak of anonymity.

R Lynex

5 or 6 years ago I added a 3rd brake lite to my 74B. It was very easy to do. I bought a red truck side marker lite at a local auto parts store to start. I inserted a stronger bulb in it and attached it to the top of my rear liscense plate. Then I ran the wires to my drivers side brake lite and hooked it up using MG cable collector parts. It works great! I also set up daytime running headlite wires thru the fuse box and a switch on thr dash. Since the car is so small and so many drive big SUV's while on the cell phone I'm try to make my car as safe as possible. Bob
Bob Ekstrand

A few years ago when I was living in Sydney I went through the exercise of contacting the importers of the MG RV8 on the rear bake light.

Summed up the vehicle was imported and the standard Hella catalogue LED third brake light was fitted to it.
It was not made especially for the RV8.

Hella Australia will not sell outside Australia directly because of legal consequences.
Their products sold here are ADR (Australian Design Rules) compliant.
They may or may not comply with standards outside Australia.

Peter Thomas


I'm sure you are correct in saying that Hella don't make the 'High Level Cabrio Light' for the MG RV8. The unit, which is actually extremely well made of cast white metal as opposed to plastic is stamped 'Made in New Zealand'.

You are also correct that Hella Australia don't sell out of Australia as the light is manufactured to comply with Australian Federal Regulations. I contacted Hella UK during my search and was told that they don't sell the unit as it does not have 'Type Approval' for the UK.

The MG Centre in NSW supply, fit and will, at customer's expence, paint to body colour.

As an Aftermarket unit, sold over the counter at any Auto Parts Store in New Zealand and Australia, I should have thought anyone could purchase one for their own car for use anywhere in the World.


R Lynex

I have a GT and like the looks of the Blazer unit shown on the Cornwall Club website. What year(s) Blazer should I look for?

Allen Bachelder

That came from a 2002 "small" Chevy Blazer, Allen. Also used on other GM products over several year span. I can post a close up from a different computer later this weekend.

rick ingram

See this web site, page 42 of the catalogue.
It looks just like the RV8 one for GBP 8.50
Tony Bates


Yes the Hella manufactured unit can be bought at any number of retail outlets here as an after market unit.

Compliance with the local codes is the responsibility of the individual not Hella which is why they will not sell directly.

I suggest the chances of having to prove compliance are fairly remote but since a similar unit can be bought locally to ensure full compliance why take the risk ?
It would most likely be cheaper as well rather than sending something half way around the world.

Peter Thomas

This is NOT the Blazer third brake light...and would probably not look right on a GT...but wold look nice on a tourer...,724648
rick ingram

Rick - The light at the link you sent is from a Chrysler LeBaron convertible, circa 1991-93. I have used these on two classic cars. They are good-quality, heavy-duty lights and fairly cheap and easy to find in junkyards. They are perfect for installation on the back shelf of a sedan or coupe. Installation on the exterior of a car is complicated by the necessity of drilling three holes, 3/4" in diameter, in close alignment, to make room for the bosses holding the wires and assembly fasteners.

For my '67 BGT, I opted instead for a small, inexpensive LED bar that I fixed to the rear of the ceiling so that it would be visible from behind. It works fine, but I knocked it off once when loading. I like Daniel's idea of fixing the light with magnets. -Glenn.
Glenn G

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