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MG MGB Technical - 45 DCOE Webber Jetting

Has anyone got a list of Jetting and Chock setting for Stages 1-6 MGB 1800-1900 engines.
I know the old S/T books don't fit Webbers until stage 3-4, but earlier info would be useful so you can build up a trend.
If found a useful chart on the web, but that link is now defunct.
Any information would be useful.

Many Thanks
Mark Hester

Look at
Robert Novak

Great stuff about Lucas Distributors.

But couldn't find any DCOE Webber stuff though.

Anyone else found any useful links ?

Cheers <MARK>
Mark Hester


The info is at
(you can find it by going to Triumph stuff instead of MG stuff)


Alexander M

Ah (Triumph), that's where this info when.
I've seen this before as it was posted here
But must have moved ISP's

I have combined this with the info from the Early Red S/T books, but some of the info for stages up to stage 5 are ambiguous.
I had some better stuff from the later Blue S/T book, but have lost this book unfortunately.

If you come across anything similar that would be most useful also.
Cheers <MARK>
Mark Hester

Anyone else seen this info on the web anywhere ?
Mark Hester

Mark, you can try :
(pages 16 & 17)

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