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MG MGB Technical - 65 'B' CHOKE CABLE

Can anybody tell me the route of the choke cable through the bulkhead to the carbs i.e. which hole in the bulkhead.
Many thanks.
G.E Blanthorne

I have a 74.5 RB MGB and my choke cable runs through a large (about 1 1/4 inch) hole just below the drivers side hood (bonnet) hinge and to the left of the pedal box. I don't know if this is original or the same for a 65.


On my '64 lhd--from the interior side: There is a metal tab with a hole in it on the left, next to the semi-circle (or oval,actualy)cut out for the lhd steering column. From the facia, the cable routes thru this hole in the metal tab. Directly in front of the holed tab, there is a hole in the bulkhead thru to the underbonnet.

In the underbonnet: looking straight at the windscreen, the cable will be thru, just underneith and on the left of your rhd washer bottle bracket. On lhd car, this would be the clutch/brake master cylinders.

There is a picture in Clausager's on page 59 with a rhd set-up and the cable is visable just under the bottle bracket. hth

Paul Hanley

It depends on the year. For a long time the cable came up to meet the carbs and the outer was fixed and the inner moved the choke, then in the mid-70s it came down from above and the outer was fixed and the inner moved the choke, I suspect the exit point in the firewall is significantly different. Cars for North America from 67 until the 77 model year or so had a completely different dash as well as being LHD, make difference here pretty likely as well.
Paul Hunt 2

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