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MG MGB Technical - 66 BGT

A quick question for the B folks. I usually hang out on the T Series Board, I do have a 71 B convert, but I have run across a 66 BGT that will need a complete rebuild.

The gearbox is gone - it was an overdrive unit, the alum hood had sprung at some point. Minor rust on doglegs and lower front fenders. Floor pans are solid. Interior is in good shape and all items are there on dash.

I could purchase for about $1,600.

The car is straight and has never been hit -

I need it like a hole in the head - but - I love the early GTs with leather and the metal dash....

What do you all think?
J. W. Delk

You only live what your heart tells you and have fun while you can.
J Tait

"I love the early GTs with leather and the metal dash...."
These mk1 are the most desirable in the serie, narrow tyres, MG split chrome lettering on the boot, 2 wippers, chrome front grille and bumpers, original MG steering wheel and rubber carpets on floor. That's it all.

If there is rust on the dog-legs and lower front fenders then ten to one the sill (rocker panel) behind the fenders will be in holes. You should allow for that much repair work at least. We were fortunate in the UK that we kept the metal dash right up to the mid seventies, but I know what you mean - it just looks so right doesn't it.
Mike Howlett

Being slightly prejudiced, as the owner of the nearly identical '67 with its original leather interior, I say go for it. The car will, little by little increase in value, as these are getting more difficult to find. RAY
rjm RAY

Hard to tell without photos and such, but if the sills are rusted then the difficulty of restoration for the average home mechanic goes through the roof. Jab at them with a screwdriver. If it goes through anywhere then you're in for replacement. It's certainly a desirable year, but most likely it will not be worth what you put into it after restoration. Just sending the gearbox to be rebuilt could cost $1000. A new aluminum hood is $600.

Not trying to talk you out of it, but be realistic when you go to have a second look! I do love my '67 BGT and drive it daily.
Steve Simmons

The earlier the better! No reversing lights to spoil the lines at the back, whether on wires or the old disc wheels they look great.

You can put a five speed conversion in until you find the correct 3 synchro overdrive box; a steel bonnet will also do until a good aluminium bonnet is available.

I let one slip through my hands and regret it....

Go for it!

Mike Standring

Thanks for the comments and thoughts. The various rust issues don't really concern me too much as my brother does paint and body repair - he looked under the car and has done several Bs so he said not to worry.

We both were impressed that the car had not suffered front or rear damage - this is somewhat rare on the older Bs that you find in junk yards.

I am afraid I will not buy the car as I just can't see spending the $ - that I really can't spare - when my MGA and TF need some $ spent on them. I already regret it.

I still may purchase with the intent to sell to another MG enthusiast. But then, I run the risk of getting attached!

I'll keep you posted - and will try to load some images.

Thanks again for the thoughts
J. W. Delk

Thanks for the comments guys. Here are some photos. I am still trying NOT to buy this - but that little voice keeps saying - do it!

J. W. Delk


J. W. Delk

one more

J. W. Delk


J. W. Delk

last one

J. W. Delk

Nice ..this needs to be saved...going to take some love though...I still kick myself for selling my '66BGT with OD and competition wires...

Mate, with your family contacts to deal with rust etc., you've covered what I reckon is the most soul-destroying, time-consuming part of any restoration. FWIW, I reckon offer 1500 and snap it up provided you can stash it away somewhere until you're ready to tackle it. You deserve praise for worrying about the B, and it deserves a caring custodian. Let us know what you decide!John H.
J.P. Hall

Hi Mr Delk

It might interest you to know that I happen to own a '66 BGT which will brought back on the road in +- 4 weeks after a 25y. restoration period (that's another story). I have tried to save as many original bits as possible.
If ever you need advise, although I am not a specialist, please give me a sign.
It is indeed a very nice model, the first of the range.
Some of the parts are unique for this '66 model. At this moment I am struggling to find the correct wiring for the single speed wiper motor as it is a 12W model, w.i. not very common. (=body of 2 speed but only single speed). None of my parts supliers has ever seen it before...
Good luck!
Best regards,
D. Leyssens


Looks like a nice car for restoration. Interior looks usable. Even the steering wheel looks good.

You can find the OD transmissions. They come up on e-bay and Moss has them - but pricey. You can put the non-od transmission in and these are easily available. Could do that and then when you find a D type OD put it in later. You can change it over to a L type OD, but you do have to do a little banging on the tunnel and move the shift hole a bit. This gives you the 4 syncro which the 66 did not have. I have the non first syncro D type OD in my 67 gt and there are times I do wish it had the full syncro trans.

Bruce Cunha

Yeah, I say buy it. You'll regret it if you don't! Black is a good colour for Bs. Even the dreaded rubber bumpers don't look so bad on a black painted car. That one looks to be really nice. I regret selling my 70GT sometimes. But then I drive the roadster and thing well, at least I still have one!
Simon Jansen

Yes, buy it quickly and get it away from that Ford Pinto with the woodgrain decals!

Does it say $6000 on the window?

David Steverson

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