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MG MGB Technical - 66 horn assembly

Can anyone please tell me how the electrical contacts are made for the centre mounted horn push on an 1966 B? I have removed the steering wheel (original 16.5" jobby) and column cover. There is a purple/black wire from the indicator assembly connected to a slip ring mounted (insulated) on the column. The connection to earth is via the column itself I expect. Inside the column there is a small length of wire (purple/black) with two bullet connectors, two springs and two insulating "grommets".

Somehow pressing the original style horn push completes the circuit between the purple/black wire on the outside of the column (via the - insulated from the column - slip ring) and the column itself. The actual gubbins inside the horn push itself seems straight forward) But how? How is the slip ring connected to the rest of the circuit? I have been around the various parts with a meter testing for continuity to try and work this out but remain defeated. I tried hunting through the copious amounts in the archives but I cannot find an answer.

can anyone help - it will be much appreciated



Just pulled the slip ring and insulating sleeve of the steering column - solution - there is a hole in the rubber sleeve - clearly this is where the wire that lives inside the column connects to the slip ring. Pressing the horn push connects this wire to earth. The bend in this wire inside the column is apparent in the parts diagram in the MOSS catalogue.

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