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MG MGB Technical - 67 Brake Master Cylinder assembly order

What way does the valve assembly in the 67 B single line brake system go?

The one in mine has three fingers that are somewhat cone shaped. The picture in my manual and in Moss and VB don't look like mine.

Do the fingers go into the spring and the valve to the output side or dose the spring go against the valve and the fingers towards the output.?
Bruce Cunha

I tried the valve both ways. It appears that correct is with the fingers back into the spring.
Bruce Cunha

Hi, Bruce - not having any direct info about a '67 MGB Brake Master, I hesitated to respond (as apparently did all of the MGB crowd), but I do have some history with midgets of that vintage. Unfortunately, in Midgets, the '67 Brake Master is a "one-year-only" part, so we'll have to speak somewhat generically.

Consider the purpose of the valve that you mention. It should allow fluid to flow out of the master virtually unimpeded, but flowback should have to go through a small orfice so that the braking system can be "pumped up" if there is air in the system. In my case, there is a small metal spring that acts as the valve, and a tiny (1/16") notch in the face of the valve assembly where it fits against the end of the cylinder bore. Some versions used a rubber valve "flapper" on the end of a plastic piece.

In any regard, an inspection of your valve assembly should verify which is the correct direction. Having it in backward would definitely hinder good braking action in an emergency stop.

Best wishes - - Alec
Alec Darnall

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