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MG MGB Technical - 67 Engine Paint Primer?

Anybody used the MOSS early engine color paint? Wondering if it is supposed to have primer under it or if it has the high temp stuff that you spray on clean bare metal. Is there high temp primer or engine primer? Rattle can?
R Stegs


I haven't ever seen a primer touted as high temp. For what it's worth, I prime engines with a high quality red oxide automotive primer, which I have done with rattle cans and with mix-and-gun. I think I have used Sherwin Williams automotive primer in a rattle can.

With respect to the color coat, I have never had good luck with rattle cans. They usually look like crap in a bout a year. I usually use an industrial enamel mixed to match the color I want, and I put it on with a paint gun. My last one has done about 10k miles with no discoloration even on the head right at the exhaust manifold.

C R Huff

The Moss paint is garbage. I recommend Duplicolor Dark Canyon Red. It's spot on for the original color and is very durable. My BGT engine was painted 25 years ago and still looks decent, and is just now starting to need a recoat. It is also unaffected by coolant, unlike the Moss paint which streaks if you look at it funny.
Steve Simmons

Hirsch has an excellent thermoconductive engine enamel that, being unique in that it was originally formulated for use on jet engines, will withstand temperatures up to 600° Fahrenheit and is an exact duplicate of the shade of red (“MG Maroon”) used on the 18G, 18GA, 18GB, 18GD, 18GF, 18GG, 18GH, 18GJ, and 18GK Series engines. It remains glossy almost indefinitely and can be applied directly to cast iron without primer. It is famous for being used on about 90% of all of the winners of the Pebbles Beach Concours, so you can rest assured that its appearance will be first-rate. I will not paint an engine with anything else. Hirsch has a website that can be found at .
Steve S.

I used a duplicolor rattle paint that was for a Chrysler V-8 of 70's vintage. I think it didn't require a primer. It isn't authentic color so use the hints above. It has held up very well. No streaks that I can't just clean off and little discoloration at the manifold area. It's been on there over ten years and still is shiny and slick.
Robert McCoy

Steve, the examples I've seen of the Hirsch paint look more salmon-colored than maroon... far too light of a shade. If you have any photos of your results to show otherwise I'd love to see them.
Steve Simmons

Sorry, but I still don't have a digital camera. I keep asking for a Nikon digital camera for my birthday, wedding using wedding cars sevenoaks anniversay, christmas, etc., but no luck yet. My wife thinks that we should spend the money on building a Pale Primrose MGC for her instead, and I don't dare disagree since I've already built five MGs for myself. However, I think that there must have been a mixing mistake with the pigments in the paint that you saw. The B Series engine in my B is the correct color. A salmon-colored engine?!? Yuck!
Steve S.

I used Moss's BMC Maroon rattle can on my GA series engine. I found it went on easily, dries to a very hard, and shiny, finish and has lasted very well. It is a pretty close match to BMC Maroon judging by original cars I've seen in museums.

The rest of the ancillaries were painted with Halfords (a UK motor factor chain) acrylic rattle cans followed by a coat of Halfords clear. The results from both paints were excellent and have lasted very well indeed.

Steve Hubbard

I should make it clear that everything in the picture that is maroon is Moss, everything else is Halfords.
Steve Hubbard

I have to chime in my 2¢, the moss paint looks good but heaven forbid coolant gets on it before it cures. (with a fresh engine and hoses, leaks pop up)

Bryan is right about the coolant even after the paint has cured, hot coolant leaves dull spots that won't come off. Saw this happen to a concours quality MGB once, was that owner mad after he washed the coolant off and saw the flat spots!
Bill Young

Thanks for the input guys. I am a rattle can guy and the Hirsch stuff sounds good but it is non spray quarts only ( according to the website). Seems strange as they put all the American cars in rattle cans. I know there are more early MG's out there than some Studebakers or the like. I am going to give them a call.

R Stegs

Here's the famous Hirsh "Salmon Pink" excuse for MG Maroon. Compare the 2 pieces. I even spoke to Mr. Hirsh himself, sent him pictures, etc and he insisted that it was correct. Ya for sure, right Mr. Hirsh. HA!!

Me? I use only Duplicolor Dark Canyon Red. Now nearly 41,000 miles and returned last March from Amelia Island's Field of Dreams with an MG engine painted DCR.

Paul Hanley

Wanna see more? I just love bashing Hirsch paints. It sucks, Bill. Its not maroon, its pink!

Paul Hanley

Wow, that is not very much like the original color. I am surprised they took that to market as there is plenty of great reference out there for the correct shade.
R Stegs

I'm shocked! Mr Hirsch must be either color blind or unwilling to admit to a mistake and hence give a refund. Since I grew up in North Jersey (AKA Tony Sopranoville), I presume that the latter is the case.
Steve S.

I think you are right, Steve. He had a full "batch" on the shelves and did not want to eat the loss. not buy Hirsch MG maroon till at least 2012 or so! The salmon-pink paint pictured is from 2006, so who knows how many cans are left. In either case, Hirsch would not allow a refund, so I ate the $50 bucks.

Paul Hanley

Yeah, dat's Jersey for ya. Whayagonnado?
Steve S.


While I appreciate having complanies like Moss so we have a place that works to give us items near the original, STAY AWAY FROM MOSS ENGIE PAINT, It is CRAP. It will turn yellow with the slightest drip of coolant on it and if it gets more than a drip, it eats the paint right off.

You do not have an overflow tank for your radiator in the 67. A little overflow will get picked up by the fan and thrown back to the engine. Or you will get a slight leak at your heater valve. Any of these will ruin a MOSS paint job. I hear other coolants (Yellow?) may not cause this, but I have no good information on this.

I am looking and taking all the accessories off both my TD and my B engine so I can repaint them with Duplicolor. Hearing others with both good and bad on the Hirsch paint for color, so I an not going with that.

If there are MOSS reps that monitor this, It is an issue you need to address.

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