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MG MGB Technical - 70 MGB clutch

Can it be replaced with the engine in the car?
Rick Bastedo

I've had my clutch replaced a couple of times and in both cases the engine was removed to do it. I think it must be removed because the tranny does not have a removeable shroud in the clutch area like most american cars have. I do not know this as fact tho. Bob By the way How long is a clutch expected to last. My two seemed to go about 40,000 miles. Of course I mostly do in town driving with the car.
Bob Ekstrand

You need to pull the engine. There is not enough clearence in the body to pull the trans back and remove it plus the body cross member is in the way.
John H

That's what I thought.
My wife called today to say the clutch is 'acting funny'.
I asked her to describe, she said when she holds the clutch in and puts it in reverse then starts the car it backs up with the clutch still in.
Might just be the hydraulics.
Rick Bastedo

Check the slave...although bleeding it can be fun...

First check the clutch master reservoir. If it is low, then you most likely have a leak.
The slave cylinder is the most common point for leaks. If you remove the dust boot on the slave cylinder and see fluid, then it is your culprit.
If it is a leaking slave cylinder, fill the master cylinder and gently pump the pedal and the car maybe driveable.

Rick -

There's no need to put the clutch in while starting
the car.

It adds needless frictional drag which the starter
motor must overcome while spinning; and adds
wear & tear to the throwout bearing and crankshaft
thrust washer. You don't want any of that.

Jus' put her in neutral, keep yer feet off of the
clutch pedal, and fire her up.
Daniel Wong

You can replace the clutch in a car without overdrive by removing the shifter housing (Drain oil first!) and rotate the transmission for better clearance.

"There's no need to put the clutch in while starting
the car." Maybe so, but it is often taught as a safety measure in case the car is started in gear.

But it is irrelevant in this case, if starting the car in any gear with the clutch pedal fully depressed causes the car to move then the hydraulics are almost certainly the problem and not the clutch.
Paul Hunt

When my clutch failed many years ago I couldn't release it. The hydraulics were fine. What happened was some fingers on the diaphragm had cracked and broken. The hydraulics were fine but the clutch was unwilling. Of course when I pulled the engine on this pretty beat MGB the fun kept going. Rebuilt engine, transmission, and clutch. Sort of the "while the engine is out lets take care of ...". In this case it all needed to be done very badly.

That said hydraulics are the first thing to check.
Robert McCoy

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