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MG MGB Technical - 71 MGB 1000tpm speedometer

I have a 77 mgb od transmission that I am installing
in a 71 mgbgt. I realize I need the 1000tpm speedo.
Is there a speedometer that will fit the 71 MGB dash
that is factory 1000tpm, or will I have have to
have the existing 1280tpm converted to 1000tpm? Can
anyone help?

The early midget speedo is 1000tpm but lower mph on face
The other one is a smiths speedo for the 3 synchro box mgb from 64 to 67 which is 1040 or 1060 but near enough.

Ste Brown

Thanks for the response. Sounds like maybe the best
thing to do is to have my existing speedo calibrated.

If you can locate a 1,000 TPM speedometer, you can remove your speedometer from its housing and install the 1,000 its place. I did this to my '67 when I installed a 4 synchro/OD transmission to replace the original 3 synchro unit. You'd never know that it wasn't the original unit and it works perfectly in the original housing. RAY
rjm RAY

I think UK 1000 tpm speedos are the same size and style as the American 1280 tpm. For some odd reason when America went from 4" to 80mm the UK stayed with 4", then V8s and rubber bumper got 80mm. From 77 USA went back to 4", UK stayed with 80mm but with a plastic bezel. Fit a V8 speedo and impress your friends with the top speed ...
PaulH Solihull

Thanks ALL for the great info. I have lots of options

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