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MG MGB Technical - '72 GT rear springs

Hi guys, Ive had a '72 GT for about 3 weeks now, the garage (an mg specialist) replaced the rear springs on the car as part of the deal but it is most definately sagging on the drivers side, by quite a lot. Ive had a quick look underneath, the springs are definately new, and the offending side doesn't appear to have 'flattened out' so to speak. All very strange. The car didnt sag when i viewed it as both sides needed doing.

I get the impression that the B suffers from sagging rear springs to a degree, i think the replacements used came from Moss.

I had a good look at the car on a ramp when buying and all seemed present and correct, in fact in excellent order, the car having undergone a full bare metal resto 5 years ago (whith acompanying evidence!)

I'm going ot go over to the garage and get them to take a look but wwondered if there was anyone who could offer a knowledgable opinion? I'm extremely familar with midgets (having owned one for the last 12 years) but not so with B's. I'd ideally like to lower the car 1" all round etc but am loath to do anything until this is sorted. BTW, any recommendations for lowered rear springs?

Thanks all....

Neil Rouse

Check they offer standard/lowered or parabolic these springs come matched unlike Moss etc.

I gave up messing around with nasty imported springs sold by the main suppliers for your very reason.
K Harris

You shouldn't have a lop-sided B, especially with new springs. The quality of these is very variable indeed, the only way you can tell if it is one spring weaker than the other is to swap them ove which isn't a trivial exercise, but which may be necessary to get a refund/replacement. Remember that a problem at one corner can be visible at the diametrically opposite corner. If it isn't a spring problem maybe the mounts have been damaged in an accident. It would be tempting to say that if it was square before and not now it must be the new springs, but someone could have shimmed out the sagging side to level it up to look right for sale. Without you having replaced the springs yourself you have no idea what came off - or what went on for that matter.
Paul Hunt 2

This thread was discussed on 01/04/2007

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