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MG MGB Technical - 73 B abandoned project

Hey folks, I am near to finishing up the plumbing on the "B" and I can't seem to figure out how the emissions canister is mounted in the "boot". Doeas it lay flat or does it mount on the side marker light screws? Does anyone know of a picture available? Speaking of photos, I still would like some pictures of the underside of a '73 MGB for wire routing help. Thanks, Tom
Thomas McNamara

Tom, I'm adding an image of the vapor separator in my 74. There is a Z bar that attaches it to I believe a chrome molding attaching plate. The top hose goes to the fitting in the corner of the boot floor connecting to the line that goes to the emissions cannister. The the bottom hose goes to the fuel tank fitting near the filler tube. I can get some wiring photos of my cars under side tomorrow but there are some wires that are not original. I believe the wiring is in the correct places in general. I have used some nylon ties in several places to insure (hopefully) the wiring is safe and reliable. I don't use a stock fuel pump so the fuel plumbing and wiring isn't like OE. I'll send some photos if you think that may help.
Let me know here or at.


Clifton Gordon

I don't know why the image is so small, I'll try it again.

Clifton Gordon

I'll Try one more time.


Clifton Gordon

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