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MG MGB Technical - 73 mgb fuel pump suggestions

doing ground up resto. on this car would like a reasonable price fuel pump. any suggestions. thanks les

If you don't wish to go with the original SU fuel pump, Napa Part # 610-1051, $41.98, Facet fuel pump is a common replacement used on MGs. Does not require a regulator. There are some others available from other chain auto parts stores that don't require a regulator to reduce pressure.

I've found the original pump very easy to rebuild yourself. It's also quite reliable (hey, it's just a pump!). The new diaphragm costs +- $25 and points are probably $20 as well.

The problem with the SU pumps is that they're not very reliable -- they're good for only 30-40 years, tops.... ;-)
Rob Edwards

Philip - I would sure like to find genuine SU diaphragms for $25 each.

Rob - Yah, it's just real hard to find good components anymore ;) Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

David, you're right. I bought mine from Joe Curto a few years back but now they're $36 at Lbcarco. Still, of all the parts a hack like myself has managed to rebuild, the fuel pump was definitely one of the easiest. Plus, I feel proud every I start the car. Ah, the little things in life :)

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