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MG MGB Technical - '73 steering shaft alignment

Were all cars shimmed at the column? Or was it as required? Is there a part # for shims?, & why was mine out of alignment? (DPO, or worn subframe mounting pad??, etc.)
Len Fanelli

Len, Shims were used as required. I cannot locate a part # for shims but the shop manual mentions using .020" shims on the driver side so it shouldn't be too difficult to fabricate shims, thin washers should work. Tired subframe mounting pads could cause it. Other possible reasona, replacing the column or steering rack without checking alignment.

Clifton Gordon

As part of diag. i have shimmed the rack, flat washers, 4 washers on the front, 2 on the rear mounting. Checked w/ an inch pound tourque wrench at the steering wheel.(yes i need to buy a WSM.)
Len Fanelli

It was the *rack* that was shimmed (to the crossmember), to align with the column. Can't recall any shims (spacers maybe) at the column, which has varying amounts of adjustment in its bolts anmd mounting holes anyway.
Paul Hunt 2

I have been preparing a RHD rack for a LHD to RHD convertion. It is on the bench at the moment.

I assume when you say "Checked w/ an inch pound tourque wrench at the steering wheel" this is some kind of preload measurement with the wheels off the ground. I have not got that far yet I am trying to set the pinion to rack situation. Following the instructions in the factory workshop manual I have ended up with a rack that feels quite stiff on the bench. So I would be interested in measuring the turning force required at the shaft against a standard. What level of force should I be looking for.

The manual says to tighten the plate down untill you can hardly move the rack, measure the gap between the plate and rack body and then shim the cover to that gap plus 3thou IIRC. When I did this the rack still felt rather stiff. Having a standard to measure the stiffness against would be good.
David Witham

With the wheels off the ground the steering should fly from lock to lock with great ease, with no rotational play in the steering wheel (solid column, some play within a collapsible column is OK) or up and down play at the rack ends. The track-rods themselves do have an inch-pound measurement of friction with their junction with the rack but I can't recall what it is. If the plate is bolted down and the steering or road wheels can't be moved with a finger tip then I'd say you need more clearance.
Paul Hunt 2

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