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MG MGB Technical - 74 1/2 Question

Hello all,

I owned a 67 roadster a number of years ago and have just purchased a 74.5 rubber bumper BGT of which I am quite excited.

I already own a copy of the Bentley Manual for the "early" cars - 1962-74 but am wondering if I need a copy of the manual for the later cars - 1975-80?

Since the 74 1/2 seems to be a hybrid of sorts - SU carbs but rubber bumpers - I'm not sure which is the way to go.

Advice please? Thank you.
Robert T.

Robert, we have owned a 74.5 GT since 1984. You really do not need a later manual as the only real differences are the ride height is an inch higher and rubber bumpers.

The twin SU's, the single twelve volt battery will really not make any difference on needing an extra manual.

Notice the badge on the front bumper, it was the only one that had a red insert.

Welcome to the club!

But on the other hand.....You can never have too many manuals!

Congrats on your GT!

Rich McKIe

I have a 74.5 B/GT as well....not too many exported to the States (but this alone does not make them worth a ton more than other GTs)


rick ingram
1978 MGB
1969 MGC
1974.5 MGB/GT V8 conversion
1968 MGC
rick ingram

Ignition is a bit different - ballasted 6v system instead of the 12v system. Still points, but some funny voltages if you go poking round with a voltmeter, and extra and different coloured wires.
Paul Hunt 2

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