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MG MGB Technical - 77 Master cylinder removal

I'm having problems removing the master brake cylinder on my '77 B. I've disconnected the lines and removed the bolts holding the cylinder to the servo unit. How do I disconnect the MC from the servo?? The Bently manual just states, "Remove master cylinder". Thanks!
S.L. LaPaugh


If I am reading you right, you have done everything you were supposed to do (other than the electric connection at the bottom of the MC).

So, my guess is that it is just stuck from being on there for so long. Give it a bit of a tug or give it a rap with a soft face hammer. If you don't have a soft face hammer, use a piece of wood an a hard face hammer.

C R Huff


Thanks! This car has sat for 10 years so I'm sure a hammer is in order. The electric connection was dangling around the engine compartment so it was already off. I assume this is for the warning light. I'll post my results when the bugger's off!
S.L. LaPaugh

It's off! I used a screwdriver and gently pried between booster and mc while gently hammering on it. That did it. The master cylinder was rusted on. I've sprayed it down with penetrating fluid and will be rebuilt soon. Thanks for the help! -Steve
S.L. LaPaugh

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