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MG MGB Technical - 77 MGB Fuel Pump Noise

Bought the car two weeks ago. Been re-doing some bits, etc. Re-built the brake master cylinder and was able to get the machine out on the road for a test run.

The fuel pump gives off a continuous clicking sound. Plainly audible when cruising. Annoying. I havnt looked at it yet. I am wondering if it is mounted wrong e.g. should have rubber isolators, or is this normal noise? Maybe its getting ready to go?

Any thoughts would be helpful. Thanks in advance.
rj horizon

you may well have an aftermarket electronic fuel pump --they will click continuously. The SU usually only click audibley when ignition is first turned on.
The only way to be sure is to locate your fuel pump and see what you have.
Gil Price

Thanks Gil. I will check it out this weekend and report back.
rj horizon

rj - Your car most likely has one of the little, square, run all the time, make a lot of noise Facet pumps rather than the original SU fuel pump. You are faced with a couple of alternatives if you don't want to put up with the constant noise. You can purchase and install a proper SU fuel pump or you can get some sound mounts for the Facet pump from Pegasus Racing at:
Click on Fuel pump accessories and scrol down to mounting kit. If you want to replace the pump with a proper SU fuel pump, I have several that have been restored and converted to solid state that I can sell below the price for a new pump.

A final alternative is to keep the Facet pump, sound mounte it and route the fuel lines from it to a proper SU fuel pump, then on to the carburetors. Install a switch for switching power from one pump to the other and you will have a back up pump that you don't even need to pull off the road to get you home in case of failure of the primary pump. Good luck - Dave
David DuBois

This thread was discussed on 06/05/2005

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