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MG MGB Technical - 77 roadster brake system?


Can anyone tell me what brakes I'd expect to have on my 77 UK roadster? From what I can determine from Mr Hayne's rather vague references to "earlier" and "later" cars, I would expect to have the dual system with associated "modern" looking reservoir. However, I seem to have the square reservoir/master cylinder affair, the one that looks like the old tin of paint striper or creosote that you find at the back of the top shelf of your garage next to the hardened paint brush. (The clutch reservoir is a similarly looking tin.)

D Lewis

Your car should indeed have the later dual brake line brake system with the master cylinder having a cast metal body and a rectangular vinyl brake fluid resevoir. If you have the older single brake line system with the "paint tin" master cylinder normally found on the early 1968 and earlier cars, then the car has been converted.
Steve S.

Panic-ye not, dual circuit brakes for UK spec cars didn't arrive until May 77, i.e. much later than the US (68).
Paul Hunt

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