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I have a 79 mgb roadster which needs a new canvas top. The car came with a grey crossbar frame. So my question is: Is this the correct frame for the car and does it matter when ordering the replacement canvas top


Gary :>{D
gary n hansen

What do you mean by crossbar? Do the structural members fold inward towards the center of the car?

I had a gray frame that was like the above but I think it was correct for my car - a 66. I think it was an option.
Mike MaGee

Two sorts of frames that I know of. The folding back variety, you unclip the header rail and just throw it back. Usually painted black.
Then there was the 1-unclip the header, 2- pull the hood clear of the frame, 3- lift the frame out of its slots at either side, 4-pull the frame in half at the joins in the middle, 5-fold it up, 6- put it in the boot. Usually painted grey.
Yes it matters, they are different.
Suggest you take the oppertunity to switch to the fold back black frame it you are replacing the hood.

I emailed prestige trim in the uk. They sent me pix of the frames. Apparently I have the early grey frame in my 79 car. So my question is this, Which canvas top do I get for the car??

If I buy the early one, will it fit the 79 body as far as snaps in the rear of the cockpit and around the side windows etc. If I buy the later top will it fit the grey frame??


Gary :>{D

There were 3 tops, at least, in the USA.

After 1970 there is the standard (modern) black folding frame. Before that there was a pack-away frame that is stowed in the trunk. Easily indentified by the bow that separate into 2 halves. The other "optional top" frame that is on my Dad's '63 B is the grey frame that is also known as the "sissors" frame because of the sides that hinge in as you fold the top back.
Carl Floyd

My question has been answered. I do have the grey scissors type frame. So, I would order the earlier top covering. Yes it should fit the later MGB body.


Gary :>{D
79 MGB

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