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MG MGB Technical - 79 MGB Fuel Pump Problem

My 79 MGB is having fuel problems. There is no fuel getting to thein line filter before the carb. I changed the fuel filter, the fuel pump ticks loudly.
When I disconnect the fuel line from the fuel filter I can feel air being pumped through the fuel line. Any ideas where I should start? Thanks
Joe Frucci

Check there is fuel in the tank.
Check pick-up fuel line from tank to pump is not blocked.
Disconnect delivery line from pump and check there is flow (into a container) with ignition on.

If the fuel pump (SU type) is continually ticking loudly, it indicates a leak in the delivery line, no fuel in the pick-up line or the pump itself is not creating any pressure.

J Tait

It"s probably the pipe from tank to pump that is cracked and leaking air into the system
jim soutar

Thanks for the quick response gentlemen! I found a break in the line between the tank and the pump.
It is fixed and the car is running fine. Your help is appreciated.
Joe Frucci

As a word of warning here to all rubber MGB's. The original flexible fuel lines were made of Nitrol tubing. This is now all to old to be servicable & should be replaced immediately. It can suddenly just break clean in half. I had a lady arrive in my workshop one day with the passenger footwell swimming in petrol. It was a miracle that it hadn't exploded.
Garth Bagnall

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