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MG MGB Technical - 79B ign switch pic (inside electrical portion)

I removed the electrical portion of my ignition switch (held in by small phillips screw on underside of tumbler housing) and found that was the part the was causing the key to bind. I took the switch apart and now I am not sure how it goes together. The switch comes apart with two locking tabs and the guts have some springs and ball bearing(s) in place. The switch cover sorta sprang apart and a few parts may have gotten lost (not sure). I would need a pic of one that is opened up.
Does anyone have? Thanks


Hey folks, Merry Christmas!!

No responses to this post, come on?? I know, it has everybody stumped. Oh well.
I will wait and see. Thanks much.


Hi Paul,
You should have 2 small springs, 2 X 1/8 ball bearings & 2 brass bits with wings on them. Examination of the holes/indents in the piece with the wires on will show that the balls have elongated the holes & that is why the switch gets very stiff. I have often taken them apart & made 2 little plungers like half ball bearings with a little leg on them to go inside the springs with a head of 5/32" dia or a fraction under. Open out the holes to 5/32 that the springs go in about 1/8 deep. Fit spings & plungers. lay the brass contacts on top & fit the wire cap. Examination will show which way it goes by the different size locators on the outside edge. Sometimes it takes a few goes to assemble. You will need a drill press or very good electric drill held in a vice to make the plungers. A piece of brass rod & a small file. Last but not least -some patience.
Good luck.
Garth Bagnall

Garth, thank you very much for the explanation. Are you sure it is 2 ball brgs and not one? I put mine back together with only one (since that is all I found on the bench when it flew apart) and it seems to work good. I thought one ball went on top of each spring but when I tried it it seemed to work, with my voltmeter anyway.
Could I have something wrong?


Hey Garth, you still out there? You are the only one that responded on this and just wondering if you had any further comments to my latest post. Thanx.


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