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MG MGB Technical - A close call

I have a '79 B with a Hif44 SU and a K&N cone air filter.
I noticed the filter was loose and one of the bolts was missing Soooooo I took off the carb and fished around in
the manifold and didn't find the bolt....Soooo I loosened the log manifold and saw the bolt sitting in the intake port about an inch in.Whew Luckily it was too heavy to have been drawn into the engine.I will use lock washers and locktite from now on!
patrick bailey


Are you saying that the system is designed to have non-captured nuts or bolts on the clean side of the filter? If so, I would think about doing a redesign because that is just too stupid. Maybe you can weld or braze them to a plate so that they are part of something that is too large to be ingested?

C R Huff

It just has 2 bolts that screws into the carb body attaching the filter base, the problem as I see it is there is a thick cork gasket between the base and the carb and I guess the bolt vibrated loose over time and fell out inside the filter assy and was drawn through the carb into the intake manifold.The base is thin metal and has deformed I agree it should be a better design or stronger metal for the base.I will be using locktite and maybe a backup nut or as a friend suggested drill hole in the bolts and put in a wire so they can't fall out.
patrick bailey

This story has reminded me of an incident when I was but 19. Cruising in my '67 midget, there was suddenly an enormous banging under the bonnet(hood),and then under the car. I looked in the mirror (as you do) to see a hammer cartwheeling down the road. I was furious. Some tosser has dropped a hammer in the road. Might have damaged my Midget.........

A couple of days later I couldn't find my hammer...............................
D Wellings

This thread was discussed on 13/05/2008

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