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MG MGB Technical - A little miffed - MOT Failure!

Okay so I knew it would fail the MOT on the battery box, but I feel a little glum in that they also found some other week points. Not the sills, nor the floor, neither the spring hangers.

They did determine that the metalwork around the master cylinder box was a little thin. So I think it's off with the offside wing and strip out all the brake lines etc to sort that out.

Also one or two other little tweeks to sort, however the drive (the long way) to the MOT station was an enjoyable experience and brought back memories from 15 years ago when we had our first Jubilee.

Hey ho, it's time to get the cheque book out and let someone else sort it out, so we can have some winter fun. (Summer fun is the road midget and the race midget).

Will keep you all posted.

A I McGee

The metal was thin? How did they come to that conclusion?

Those guys in England do some serious inspections. Are they paid off by the trade to keep them busy?
Mike MaGee

This is something that I have noticed before and I must say that when I rebuilt my GT was not impressesd with the stability of the firewall etc in this area. My car had no serious corrosion in this area but to me it just did not seem good enough. When the pedal bracket was in place the whole thing was much stiffer and whilst still not up to modern car standards has never been a problem.
Iain MacKintosh

Attention to this area seems to vary, I have been asked to stand on the brakes while the flex around the pedal box was checked. Only on one occasion and no problems. Mostly they just seem to glance arond the firewall and if there is no obvious corrosion thats it.
Stan Best

My car had been badly converted from LHD to RHD. They had just cut a hole out under the pedal box and left it like that. That was very flimsy. I ended up cutting out the hole (!) from the left hand side and welding that in the right so now I have the proper opening with the rounded down edges which make it a lot stronger.
Simon Jansen

This thread was discussed between 31/10/2005 and 01/11/2005

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