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MG MGB Technical - Aaarrrghhh what a bloody nightmare!

I got my new fuel tank installed today. Getting the old one out was a curse cause all the captive nuts on the tank were spinning around in their clips and 2 of them were all but inaccesible so it was tricky getting a spanner onto them. Anyway I got it out in the end so I fitted the new one. The waxoyl I put on the top of it was dry by the time I was fitting it so that was handy. It was the first time Ive used waxoyl before, and its the last time Ill be buying it in a can! Its a nuisance. It keeps blocking up. Anyway I replaced some of my fuel lines while I was at it as well and transferred the remaining petrol from the old tank into the new one after I strained it through a cloth. FYI the old tank was full of holes on the top and was badly rotten so thats why my fuel consumption was terrible. So after all was fitted and checked, I headed off to the garage to get some juice. I didnt quite make it and had to call someone to rescue me with a fuel can. SO I got to the garage and in my infinite wisdom I proceded to fill the tank. When I got about 40 litres in it occurred to me to check to make sure the fuel was staying in, and here's where everything went horribly wrong. It was pissing out all over the place at an alarming rate from the sender plate. I jacked up the car quickly to put the tank slightly on its side to rescue at least some of my liquid gold and put a bucket under the sender hole. The bucket quickly filled and it kept going all over the garage forecourt. After investigating I realised what I had done. I put the rubber sealing ring on the wrong side of the sender plate. I put it between the locking ring and sender, rather than between the sender and tank. Not one of my brightest moments, so I removed the sender and reinstalled it correctly on the garage forecourt while the tank still had quite a lot of fuel in it, and one reinstalled when I put the car back on 4 wheels it didnt leak any more, so I set of home with less fuel than I might have liked and as high as a kite from the fumes. On the way home my indicators stopped working, just to add insult to injury. Obviously my flasher unit decided it had enough. I have a spare so no major beef there. Ill fit it before I go to the Mosney car show tomorrow (and see how my car does on petrol now!)
Ross Kelly

I can rememeber taking a brave pill then pulling the trigger on the fuel pump nozzle very clearly. I was amazed when all that happened was 10 gallons of fuel went into the tank and stayed there and the gauge went up to the full mark. If you compare the MGB with a modern cars fuel system at least you have a chance with our cars.
Stan Best

This thread was discussed on 08/06/2008

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