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MG MGB Technical - adding steering geer oil

hi 79mgb
neither my haynes manual or my complete official mgb 1975-1980 manual shows where/how to add oil to the rack housing.
i have ben adding it by undoing the rubber gaiters and sloping it in there. messy !! i have been doing it this way for years.
i could open at the damper cover (?), but there are 8 little parts to remove prior to filling and that worries me.
so, what is the best/easiest way to do this ??
all instructions really appreciated.

john sutter

mgtfo John,

I remember a zerk on early B steering damper cover to add oil like previous MG's model.

Jean Guy Catford


Later models no longer have that "zerk" or grease nipple fitting.
I do as you do, using a large syringe, and only undo the larger gaiter clamp.

Herb Adler

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