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MG MGB Technical - Adhesive for Bonnet insulation

Guys, i bought some new insulation a couple of years ago as the original had become very tatty.It came with a peel off backing which once removed enabled fixing the insulation to the underside of the bonnet using hand pressure. It has started to fall away towards the hing side on the passenger side where most of the heat rises from the exhaust manifold.Any recommendations as to which adhesive to use ,which clearly needs to be resistant to the ravages of heat would be very welcome.



Try the archives under hood or bonnet insulation. There is lots of discussion. The 3M super spray adhesive (get the number from the archives) seems to have the best review. Some like just old contact cement. The Moss high temperature adhesive has mixed reviews at best.

You'll need to spray both the insulator and the hood metal. Use lots and let both dry before assembly. Some spray two coats. Some recomment using some boards to support the hood from the engine bay with a board across the top pushing against the pad.

Lots of luck.
Robert McCoy

Yes, I have found the spray on contact adhesives good.But before now I have used good old Evo stick. Is it still available in the UK? and it can be removed if you have to with the 'Sticky stuff' remover ( like orange oil. or, hot tip here, WD 40! ) Mike
J.M. Doust

I used contact adhesive - brushed on.
I thought this would be easier and more controllable than trying to use a spraypack pointing upwards at the underside of the bonnet

John Minchin

I've never had any success with contact adhesives, even the so-called high temperature ones, they always seem to fail when the engine gets hot. I now use 'Bond It HT30' high temperature sealant which well and truly sticks! One 310ml cartridge is enough to do both panels. It's widely available online and through local iron mongers/DIY stores.


Alphabond AF178 I think I got it from PJM Motors
Michael Beswick

Hi Charles
I used contact adhesive
then ran out
Then used white PVA glue (wood glue / bondcrete)
that has worked well
made some wood wedges to hold the insulation in place while it dryed

Many thanks for all your suggestions!

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